Gemma Hilgrave

Author of The Traveler, The Strategist, and The King, of the Bloodlines Trilogy.

The Traveler

Book 1 of the Bloodlines Trilogy

Eight years ago, Nara was an unwanted, unloved, orphaned, 12-year old that appeared one winter day on the steps of a small-town hospital with no memory, no shoes, and speaking a long-extinct dialect of the Gaelic language. Now, after ageing out of the foster care system, she is constantly searching for something or someone that she seems unable to find in a world where she feels like she doesn't belong.

Kieran is a well-loved, respected Dálriadan warrior prince with telepathic abilities that spent eight years searching both time and space for Nara to honour a pact with the magical forces that rule their world.

When Nara suddenly finds herself in danger, Kieran appears to upend her reality. Through him, she discovers her identity, a family history that is too fantastical to believe, and that this stranger is sworn to protect her from forces that threaten to destroy their world.

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The Charmstone: a Nara and Kieran Short Story

Nara and Kieran head to 16th Century Istanbul to retrieve a Charmstone that was stolen by a concubine in the harem of Suleiman the Magnificent. Nara's job is to find the charmstone and Kieran's is to extract her safely.

This short story is about the main characters from the novel The Traveler.

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The Strategist

Book 2 of the Bloodlines Trilogy

Annabeth awakes from a haze to discover that she spent time as a mythical creature that did horrible, unspeakable things to the people that she loves. Filled with shame, she retreats into her work as a healer. But, she has a secret. The very person who turned her into a Keres still invades her mind and is slowly pushing her towards insanity.

Drustan is supposed to be dead. But, through a twist of fate that he himself orchestrated, he is alive and strategizing how to catch and kill his own brother, Elad, the man invading Annabeth’s psyche.

When Annabeth finds herself unable to stop Elad, Drustan steps in to uncover dark secrets about Annabeth’s past that put both Dálriada and the remaining Dál Fiatach tribe in danger.

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The King

Book 3 of the Bloodlines Trilogy

Eileanór Sláine is the secret, mysterious child of King Áed and Eithne Sláine from the Kingdom of Brega. Her sisters consider her a strange freak, and she arrives in Mide with one precise instruction: stay away from Diarmait mac Cerbaill. In truth, Ellie is happy with this decision because she is better suited to studying the history of weapons, playing strategy games, and reading stories about the glorious Dálriadan Gaisgeach.

Alasdair, aka Diarmait mac Cerbaill, spent years rebuilding Eire after the bloody but decisive Battle for Mide. But, there is one thing missing, he needs a wife and the Gasigeach demands that he find one. There’s only one problem: the Tuatha Dé Danann in him rebels against marriage with ferocity.

But, when Alasdair stumbles upon Eileanór fighting with an elderberry bush, everything in him explodes with desire for this spirited, beautiful and mysterious woman. His decision to marry her is complicated when the Gaisgeach discovers dangerous details about Eileanór’s past that threaten to undermine their understanding of their world.

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The Prophecy

Book 1 of the Children of Dálriada

An old Mac Cairill family prophecy foretold that the first child of a God-born mother and Bride-born father would rewrite the history for all Gaelic lands. Dreya Mac Cairill is that child and warring factions from Bernicia rush to befriend her father in hopes of forming an alliance before the prophecy is fulfilled.

Javanshir Parvaz is the half Jinn son of the Shahanshah of the Sasanian Empire. He first encounters the Gaisgeach when Alasdair mac Cerbaill takes one of his magical swords during a fight. Javan rushes to Constantinople to confront the Gaisgeach strategist about his magical weapon, but things don’t go exactly as planned. Javan ends up falling in love with the captivating, free-spirited Dreya and boldly declares that he will arrive in Dálriada with an army and take her back to Persia.

When the scimitar mysteriously disappears, and Javan doesn’t show up with an army, Dreya is faced with a difficult choice: does she stay in Dálriada and choose one of the men from Bernicia or leave to find the Persian warrior that haunts her mind.

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